About us

Our company Valorum
Valorum is a regional player in the used trade of luxury and old products.
Valorum was founded in 2014 in Lausanne and has private agencies and showrooms all over French-speaking Switzerland (Nyon, Geneva, Montreux, Lausanne, Yverdon).
The products are controlled by our experts.
Customer service is a priority.
Internet products are only part of the collection.
Our products are in the state, we inform you as precisely as possible about the intrinsic characteristics, possible gaps and / or damages.
The products are mostly of origin and in the state. We specify whether we have improved or modified an essential feature of the object.

Our team
Our team consists of experts. Seniors worked for major houses.

Our trainees and apprentices are chosen in Switzerland with the will to transmit to them our best skills.
Our specialists will answer you appropriately on all the products on sale.

"For those who already have everything, the objects at Valorum are almost all unique, in 2016 I bought a ring that I do not leave." Magalie D.
Press review
You will find all press articles and reports in the media on the website of the parent company: www.Valorum.ch

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